How to Live With Dogs In a Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home with your dog presents special challenges. Smaller homes can feel even more cramped with a dog bouncing around. It can be tempting to leave your dog outside so he isn't under foot, but if you do this, you and he will miss out on valuable bonding. Don't bring a dog into your mobile home unless you are willing to work through the obstacles of living in a small space with a dog.


Step #1 - Provide your dog with at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. A daily walk will do wonders to keep your dog calm and sane. Fetch and other games, obedience training and any other activity can count to your daily minimum.

Step #2 - Play inside games that stimulate his mind. There are many puzzle-type toys available that your dog may enjoy. You load the toy with treats or food and your dog releases the food by playing with the toy. These toys do a good job of keeping your dog entertained and boredom at bay.

Step #3 - Arrange furniture so your dog can get out of the way. He needs a spot for his crate, a spot to lie in the main living area of the house and an area where he can eat and drink without being in the pathway through the house. Work with the floorplan of your home to find spots for your dog where he isn't constantly being tripped over or shooed away, and that is not overly drafty.

Step #4 - Adjust your schedule so you are around as much as possible. A dog left alone in a small house for extended periods of time will often pick up bad habits, such as chewing or barking at the windows. Help break up his day by getting up a little early in the morning and playing with him for a few minutes before work, and if you have plans after work, arrange your schedule so you can come home first and walk him before leaving again.

By Stephanie Dube Dwilson

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