How to Use A Mat Breaker for Dogs

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Mats are challenging to remove. Bathing the dog will only tighten the knots, and cutting them out is difficult because they are so close to the skin. A mat breaker is a tool designed to cut out mats without cutting skin (yours or the dog's). It takes a little practice to use one, and you must still perform regular grooming.


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Items You'll Need:
• Detangler spray
• Comb
• Mat breaker
• Pin or slicker brush

Step #1 - Spray your dog with a detangling spray to soften the coat and make it easier for knots to slip out.

Step #2 - Comb your dog as well as you possibly can, getting out any small mats and tangles with a comb or by separating them with your fingers.

Step #3 - Position the mat breaker in the middle of the mat, pointing away from your dog's skin. Pull the mat toward you, slicing it apart. Make several slices in each mat.


Step #4 - Pick the loose ends of the hair you have cut out of the mat. You may need to use the mat breaker again to remove the entire mat. Remember to always cut away from your dog's skin.

Step #5 - Brush or comb through your dog's coat to make sure you have removed all the tangles and loose hair from your pet.

By Stephanie Dube Dwilson


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