Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated With Cats Will Make You LOL

Travis Greenwood

These Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated With Cats Will Make You LOL

Everybody’s in show-biz — pets included.

That’s the takeaway from a hilarious new Instagram account, @MovieCats, that uses Photoshop to refresh classic movie moments with furry, four-legged actors.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(1982)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

Created by Sarah and Dave, a UK couple that shares a love of film and felines, the clever project found an audience IRL before crossing over to the internets.

As they explained to The Dodo, "We started doing it as a picture question in our pub quiz's film/TV round, and it went down really well so we made it a regular thing."

Alien (1979)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

At the heart of the project are its photogenic leads, Tara and Willow, the duo’s nearly-identical housecats that are lovingly cast in all of the Instagrams.

Ghost (1990)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

While the talent and the directors don’t always see eye-to-eye on the early morning call times (we’ll chalk that up to creative dif-furrr-ences, a normal part of any moviemaking experience), Love Meow notes that the pampered stars “get loads of treats … which tends to be their main focus.”

American Beauty (1999)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

After the images have been tweaked in Photoshop to closely mirror the source material, they are uploaded to Instagram, where fans — now 15,000 in number! — are invited to identify the movie from which they are homaged.

The Shining(1980)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

Because cats make ~everything~ better, new additions are uploaded every Sunday. Follow @moviecats for future recreations!