Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated With Cats Will Make You LOL

Everybody’s in showbiz— pets included.


That’s the takeaway from a hilarious new Instagram account, @MovieCats, that uses Photoshop to refresh classic movie moments with furry, four-legged actors.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial(1982)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

Created by Sarah and Dave, a UK couple that shares a love of film and felines, the clever project found an audience IRL before crossing over to the internets.

As they explained to The Dodo, "We started doing it as a picture question in our pub quiz's film/TV round, and it went down really well so we made it a regular thing."

Alien (1979)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

At the heart of the project are its photogenic leads, Tara and Willow, the duo’s nearly-identical housecats that are lovingly cast in all of the Instagrams.

Ghost (1990)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

While the talent and the directors don’t always see eye-to-eye on the early morning call times (we’ll chalk that up to creative dif-furrr-ences, a normal part of any moviemaking experience), Love Meow notes that the pampered stars “get loads of treats … which tends to be their main focus.”

American Beauty (1999)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

After the images have been tweaked in Photoshop to closely mirror the source material, they are uploaded to Instagram, where fans— now 15,000 in number!— are invited to identify the movie from which they are homaged.

The Shining (1980)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

Because cats make ~everything~ better, new additions are uploaded every Sunday. Follow @moviecats for future recreations!

Lady And The Tramp (1955)

Credit: @moviecats / Instagram

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