In CA, It's Now Legal To Break Into A Hot Car To Save A Dog

Live in California? If so, should you ever see a poor animal trapped in a car on a sunny day that you're sure is in imminent danger of heatstroke, you're now sanctioned by the state to smash into the window to save it. To which we say — woohoo, totally works for us!


According to the law AP 797(a.k.a. the "Right To Rescue" act) signed by California Governor Jerry Brown , you're required to first call the police before busting the little critter free, and then remain on scene until the cops arrive.

The bill went before the State Assembly August 25th, 2016 presented by Assembly members Marc Steinforth, Bill Quirk, and Steve Glazer — all heroes in our eyes.


Credit: Getty

Of course, the absence of a law giving people the legal right to save an animal sweltering in a car hasn't stopped people from rescuing the poor pets all the same. Earlier this summer, we covered two recent heroic rescues of animals left in hot cars, as well as presented the unfortunate statistics of the many animals who die from this neglectful act. This proves that despite numerous warnings from animal advocates worldwide (every. single. freaking. summer.) many animals are still perishing in this torturous manner.

Hopefully, the "Right to Rescue" act will encourage more people to keep their eyes peeled whenever in a parking lot, and be willing to take action should they find a pet in danger.

Main image credit: Getty