Cuteness Interviews University of Ausburg CampusCat

No stress quite compares to that of university students during finals week. Years after graduation, we at Cuteness still wake up in a cold sweat from recurring finals nightmares. How different it all may have been had we attended universities with their very own resident "campus cats" whose sole duty is to provide stress-relieving cuddles and purrs to harried college students.


Yes, folks, campus cats are actually a thing (a very good thing)—just ask University of Augsburg's (aptly nicknamed) CampusCat, and the students/social media fans who love him. This ginger tabby can be seen lazing about campus, stretched out in front of the library (a favorite spot), napping on a stack of study notes, or curled atop a student's lap getting stroked. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

We were lucky enough to catch CampusCat between naps to chat to him about his favorite school subjects, what he likes best about his job, and his idea for improving university life by placing huge beds and lots of comfy pillows across campus.


What are you currently studying at the University of Augsburg? Oh I'm studying everything! I attend language courses as well as physic and history classes. I'm also very interested in economy and law. I'm a cat with many interests.

Do you live on campus or at home with your owner? I do have a home! My owner – a woman – and I live near the campus. So my way to university every day isn't that long. She's feeding me and caring for me – so students don't have to feed me.

What motivated you to help stressed out students by giving them cuddles and hugs before their exams? That's an interesting question. I think I am really interested in people. I love caring for them as well as I love to be petted by them. Classical win-win situation. When students see me they get happy, they smile, they make photos, pet me and simply feel better – so many reasons to go to the campus on a daily basis.

What's your favorite class to attend at the University? Oh I don't have favorite classes – I think everything is interesting!

What's your favorite food to eat on campus?

As I said before, I get enough food at home. The students mustn't feed me. :)

How do you keep your fur so soft? Oh that's easy to answer: a lot of tender loving care from my beloved students!

When you're not in class, how do you like to spend your days? Haha, just lying in front of the library and waiting for students to pet me grin emoticon Sometimes I meow so loud, I can't be overlooked. I really know how to draw attention to myself in order to get some love.

Are there any inspirational quotes/sayings that you'd like to share with the students that attend your university? Just chillax and keep on petting me. :) And let me just mention here that my students really do a great job – they are so kind and friendly! They care for me and send me lovely pictures and messages on the internet. I love them!


What are your plans after you graduate from the University of Augsburg? I guess I'll never graduate. Life can't get any better than this. I love my life on campus and to care for my students is my job. I love it and there's no need to change that. Here is my place, here is where I'll grow old. That may sound a bit clichéd but I love my life here in Augsburg!

Give us a list of things you'd want to change at the University to make it more student/cat friendly.
Oh, more pauses for naps. Not only for me but for the students too! I sometimes see them sleeping in the library in very uncomfortable positions, poor students! We need napping places (huge beds with thousands of soft pillows e. g.) everywhere around the campus – that'd be great! And the students wouldn't mind free ice cream on hot summer days!


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Images: (top to bottom) Chiara Stemfl, Alexander Ronert, Betül Yeter, Thomas Bratzdrum