Cuteness Interviews Minnie & Max (Head Tilt Pugs)

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Remember, Minnie and Max, the world-famous "Head Tilt Pugs" whose super cute viral videos were featured on Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, among others? Well, these cuties are still delighting fans with their adorable antics and, in the process, are raising awareness about their favorite pug rescue organizations.

Cuteness had the pleasure of speaking to both Minnie and Max about their favorite doggie destinations (beach vs. park), the secret behind their coordinated head tilts, and humans who insist on asking them silly questions. Us excluded, of course.

Image Credit: Minnie & Max

Since being featured on so many TV shows, people must ask you both to tilt your heads for them all the time. Do you ever get tired of doing it? We hope not!

Minnie: Ha! No, we don't get tired of it. We're a naturally curious breed. Trying to figure out what humans are REALLY saying requires getting as much information to our tympanic membrane as possible. We love posing for photos with fans and tilting our heads has become our signature look. It comes naturally to us and we're happy to do it.


So which DO you prefer? Going for a ride or going for a walk?

Max: One or the other is fine but BOTH is better! Actually, a ride to the coast and a walk on the beach is best…followed by lunch, of course. We can tell where we are by how long we've been in the car. (90 minutes to Carmel Beach, BTW.)

Image Credit: Minnie & Max

How about the beach vs. the dog park?

Minnie: Beach. We need better dog parks and more of them. Beach is always the best, even though it's a little further. We get to run, jump, chase the ball and knock over sand castles. Usually Carmel Beach but we've been to Sunset Beach in Vancouver, Coronado Beach in San Diego and everywhere in between!


When and how did you learn how to coordinate your head tilts? Did it take lots of practice?

Max: We're littermates so we coordinate almost everything we do. We were already doing it as puppies because our human asked so many stupid questions. "Do you wanna go for a walk?" Really? I mean what puppy doesn't? After our "Pug Head Tilt" video went viral, things really got out of hand. The same stupid questions. Constantly.


We understand that Minnie isn't fond of bath time (video below). Any other activities you don't particularly enjoy?

Minnie: I've warmed up to bath time, actually. But seriously, anything that requires we hold still is a bummer. Ear and wrinkle cleaning and nail trimming are not fun. We do get treats and time to sun ourselves on the deck after our baths, so maybe it's not all bad.


We do know that you love Easter egg hunting! Which of you usually finds the most eggs, Minnie or Max?

Max: We usually have a guest on holidays so we try to be nice and let them find most of the eggs. Our friend Louis was over this last Easter and he found the lion's share. We're more interested in eating them after he finds them. (Supposed to be good for our coats.)


Finally, please tell us about Pug Rescue and the awesome work that they do. Also, what's the best way for people to help them out?

Minnie: We're glad you asked! We encourage everyone to support their local animal rescue. Central Coast Pug Rescue here in California is closest and dear to our hearts. We know them well and are so proud of the work they do. We try to make it to all of their events. We always say, adopt, foster or DONATE. Go to to learn more!


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