Cuteness Interviews Waffles the Scottish Fold

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Waffles the Cat may be a big star now with over 1.8 Million Facebook fans and nearly 97 thousand followers on Instagram, but the saucer-eyed Scottish fold didn't always have it so easy. As the story goes, he was the unwanted "runt" of the litter when his humans first adopted him. Little did they know, their ginger bundle of joy would eventually be sought after by the likes of Cosmopolitan and People Magazine, and that Waffles-themed merchandise would, one day, be sold to adoring admirers around the world.


And why is Waffles so famous? If you have to ask this question, you've probably never seen a photo or video of him. He appears absolutely incapable of looking UN-adorable regardless of setting or situation—whether chillaxing at home, out meeting fans, or hanging with fellow celebkitties like Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat. We at Cuteness recently had the honor of chatting with Waffles about how he maintains a state of zen at all times, the case for bread as a fashion accessory rather than food, and his campaign to raise awareness about a cause near and dear to his heart—felineism!


Thanks so much for speaking with us, as we know you lead a very busy life! Despite your schedule, though, you always appear to be calm, cool, and collected in your photos and videos. How do you do it?

Thank you for having me. And yes, my life is quite busy these days, every morning I had to find the perfect spot for catching sunlight for my much needed sunbathing, and in the afternoon I have to find the right window with the best view of the neighborhood birds. Life is demanding, but I never forget that keeping a calm mental state of mind is the key to good health, and everyday I meditate for hours trying to achieve the perfectly calm state of mind.


In our humble opinion, no other cat wears a baked good 'round the head better than you, my friend. When cat breading first started to take the internet by storm, what was your initial reaction? Did you immediately think, "I've got to try that!"?

Most bread smelled quite delicious, and I could never understand the idea behind wearing bread instead of eating it. Though one day I got to take a big bite of one, and realized that in fact they are better worn than eaten. I still prefer wearing waffles than bread though.

Looks like you recently met two other very famous felines—Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat! Even though you're a big celebrity yourself, do you ever get starstruck when you meet one of your idols?


I was definitely star struck when I met my idols. When daddy hold me close to my heroes, all I could do was to look at the camera and stay still. Come to think of it, I do that to pretty much everyone.

In addition to being a spokesperson for all things bacon (specifically Friskies Tasty Treasures with bacon), we understand that you're also a part-time movie critic (or is that, mewvie critic?). What's your favorite mewvie of all time and why?

My favorite is the classic Star Paws. My jedi mind trick is now quite strong and my daddy is really good at giving me tummy rubs on command.


Speaking of flicks, it seems that Hollywood produces more dog films than they do cat films. How do you feel about that, and would you consider starring in a film yourself? If so, what kind of character would you play?

Inequality is amongst us as an undeniable fact, though felineism had been gaining momentum through our constant internet campaigns, and seeing the Grumpy Cat movie being made is a good start. Also heard that a new movie called Nine Lives is being made, so all our dancing, scratching, and cuteness videos are definitely working to raise awareness.


Tell us a bit about your humans. Are they well trained?

My humans are average in intelligence. It often takes many meows to remind them that it's play time at 3am. But other than their forgetfulness, they are excellent cooks. I always get my wet food at the perfect taste and consistency every night. They must be really good hunters and cooks at the same time.

Finally, one of the reasons you're so darned lovable is that you've got an inspiring "ugly duckling" back story—even though we find it very hard to believe that you were ever ugly! Do you think that having a rough start has made you more appreciative of all the good fortune that's come your way?


I recently found an old picture of myself, and I noticed that I did look rather thin and weak. Daddy told me that I used to be sick very easily, and I remembered many trips to the vet and the long trip to a big hospital. Since then I've grown big and strong, my fur is now much puffier.

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