Mom Cuts Poodle's Hair To Resemble '90s Justin Timberlake

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Nothing will ruin your day like a bad haircut, or your whole decade if you're '90s Justin Timberlake.


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This is the diagnosis, at least, of Twitter denizens who are reacting to a dog's tragic haircut.

A furry fluffball named Wembley had his gorgeous brown curls hacked off by his owner's mother.

"My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said, 'he wanted to keep it long on the top.' I am devastated," Lindsay Martin tweeted over the weekend.


Supporters tried to help Martin laugh it off, with some going the extra mile to point out similarities with celebrities.

Note the particularly tight raman noodle-style perm.

Not sure if this is JT, but...

Food Network d-bag Guy Fieri

Rod the Mod

RuPaul's Drag Race finalist Katya Zamolodchikova

Whatev, haters gonna hate...