Most Pet-Friendly Cities and Least Pet-Friendly Cities in the US

There are a lot of components that factor into a decision about where you want to live--which cities have the most affordable housing, best health care options, amenities, recreation areas etc. But for those of us who have members of our families of the four-legged variety (or scaled, or feathered, whatever the case may be), choosing a new city to call home might be a little easier if we knew that the non-human family members will be just as taken care of.


A new study by Wallethub focuses on which U.S. cities are the most pet-friendly, and which are the least. Click on the interactive map below to see how each city ranks.

Wallet hub data
credit: Wallethub

Source: WalletHub

By delving into numbers comparing 100 cities across 19 key metrics such as "minimum pet-care provider rates per visit" and "number of pet businesses per capita," Wallethub did the work for you. Their analysts looked at the top three considerations for pet parents: 1. Pet Budget, 2. Pet Health/Wellness, and 3. Outdoor Pet Friendliness and ranked each city based on their scores--with 100 being the overall best conditions for pets.

While Orlando, FL was ranked number one overall with a score of 63.42 and New York City, NY ranked lowest with a score of only 24.49, Wallethub also provided a breakdown with some of the best, and the worst, for specific categories.

Lowest Vet Costs

For the Lowest Veterinary Care Costs, check out Stockton, CA or Colombus, OH and maybe avoid Washington D.C. or New York, NY if you want to be able to afford both your pet's visits to the vet and, say, your rent.

Most Pet-Friendly Restaurants

And, if you like to eat out and don't want to have to leave your pet at home, consider moving to New Orleans, LA or San Francisco, CA. They ranked highest for most pet-friendly restaurants per capita. Detroit, MI and Omaha, NE...not so much.


Most Dog Parks

And for those canine nature lovers, there was a six way tie for first place under the category of "most dog parks per capita," so be sure to check out San Francisco, CA, Portland, OR, Las Vegas, NV, Tampa, FL, Henderson, NV, and Madison, WI before you make your final decision.

No matter which city you live in (or what spurs your decision to move), making a healthy and happy home for you and your family--including the furry, slimy, scaled, and feathered members--is the priority.