My Dog Barks At People Through Apartment Walls

Keeping pets in an apartment complex can be a challenge. The obvious issues are making sure your dog gets enough exercise and has the opportunity to use the bathroom on a regular basis. One issue, however, that you may not consider until you get your dog is how he will react to living in close quarters with others. While you probably learned quickly to ignore day to day noise from your neighbors, your dog, with his highly sensitive ears, may find the noise a distraction that requires his attention. A dog who is constantly growling or barking at the neighbors will certainly not endear himself to them.


Tip #1 - Teach your dog to be quiet while you are there. Leave a leash connected to his collar while he wanders through the apartment. When he hears something and starts growling or barking, give the leash a gentle tug and tell him "hush." Do this consistently until he learns to ignore the noise.

Tip #2 - Use a white noise machine to muffle the noises outside your apartment. You can purchase a traditional white noise machine or use a radio.

Tip #3 - Take your dog to meet the neighbors. If you are friendly with your neighbors, take him over one day and let them meet each other. The more you socialize your dog, the less likely he is to bark at various noises, plus, meeting your neighbors allows him to make friends with the voices he hears.

Tip #4 - Provide entertainment in the form of chew toys when you are out of the apartment, so your dog will not be bored and looking for something to do. Stuff a large chew toy with treats. These can provide your dog with hours of entertainment.

By Stephanie Dube Dwilson

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