My Neighbor Complains About My Dog's Barking

A neighbor not very happy about your bouncy and not-so-quiet dog? You might have grown immune to Fido's barks, but there's no reason why your neighbor should try to do the same. If your furry one is, indeed, keeping the neighborhood awake, you'd be well-advised to take action. You don't want to wait until the neighbor files an official report and you're forced to deal with the county or pay a fine.


Tip #1 - First, figure just how serious the complaint is and act accordingly. Is this just a frustrated individual who otherwise gets along with everybody, including you? A knock on the door and a friendly chat could be all that's needed to fix the problem. Is this a neighbor you've never even spoken to before? Maybe sending a polite letter or leaving a note in his mailbox -- include your phone number and an offer to talk -- might be a better approach. Even before having solved the issue, simply acknowledging the problem in a friendly way will most likely help diffuse what may potentially be an explosive situation.

Tip #2 - Find out the exact details of the complaint. Is it about your own furry one barking while you're at work? Maybe dogs are barking at night and he's not sure if it's yours or not? If you're not home when the barking happens, can you ask the neighbor to take a look so he can tell you what causes the barking? Is it a certain noise, or is somebody ringing the doorbell -- or does it happen for no apparent reason? Your unhappy neighbor might be more willing to work with you if he feels he can be a part of the solution. The only way to find that solution, however, is to figure out the exact cause of it.

Tip #3 - FInally, try to come up with a friendly arrangement with your neighbor. Would it be enough if you keep your windows closed? Try it out to see whether that muffles the sound enough to make it bearable for your neighbor. What about making sure your dogs are not out in the yard after a certain time? If the complaining neighbor works at night and sleeps in the morning, can you train Fido to remain quiet during those hours? What about offering to take your pooch to obedience class? There are also sonic devices on the market which may help curb your pup's noise by emitting a humane, high-pitched noise whenever he barks.

In Conclusion

You definitely don't want things to get to the point where legal action is required. It's expensive, annoying and it might cause you to get into an all-out war with the neighbor in question. Be open and willing to talk to avoid things getting heated.

By Tammy Dray


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