National Mutt Day in July & December

We've certainly come a long way within the past few decades when it comes to properly appreciating our mixed breed buddies. Nowadays, purebreds aren't the only pups in high demand by dog lovers. Mixed breed "designer dogs" (which, after all, are just mutts underneath the fancy names!) like cockapoos, labradoodles, goldendoodles, puggles, malshis, etc. are continuously increasing in popularity. Why? Because people have wised up to the fact that dogs who boast lineages of two or more breeds tend to be exceptionally healthy, long-lived, and even-tempered.


Sadly, however, many mixed breeds also end up homeless, and they make up the largest percentage of dogs euthanized in shelters. This is why Pet Expert and Animal Welfare advocate Colleen Paige founded National Mutt Day, which is celebrated not once but twice a year—on July 31st and December 2nd. After all, one day out of the year isn't nearly often enough to educate people on the awesomeness of mixed breeds, and spread awareness about how so many of them are in dire need of forever homes.

Rescued mutts have been successfully trained to be excellent bomb-sniffers, service animals for the disabled, search and rescue dogs, and animal actors—the most well-known of which is the original Benji of the 1974 film, who was rescued from an animal shelter in Burbank, CA. In fact,'s mascot Sully (pictured above) is not only the spitting image of Benji, but he's a mixed breed rescue as well, being part Maltese and (we think) Wheaten Terrier.

We hope that we've inspired you to consider adopting or fostering a marvelous mutt in need of a loving home!

By Maya M.

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