Our Favorite Dogs of Instagram

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With so many canine web celebs on Instagram, it was tough to narrow down our top picks --but we finally did it! Check out our list of follow-worthy pups below (in no particular order).


Video of the Day

Balki Bones

If there's one thing that we can learn from our canine pals, it's how to stay chipper no matter what life throws at you. Take Balki Bones, for example--the lovable Havanese pooch who, after being struck by a vehicle, had to have one of her front legs amputated. However, this hasn't wiped the smile off of Balki's face, nor, judging from her videos, did it even slow her down. Follow Balki for a daily dose of adorable inspiration.


Sir Charles Barkley

We're sure this super cute French Bulldog brings nothing but sunshine to his hometown of Seattle. Like his name suggests, Barkley's an avid sports fan and often dons duds bearing the logos of his favorite teams and athletic gear. If you've got an affinity for bulldogs, sports, or Seattle, then Sir Charles Barkley is your next favorite Instagram pup.

Menswear Dog (Bodhi)

No doubt about it, Menswear Dog is easily the dandiest dude in town. I mean, this dog is probably better-dressed than the majority of humans he meets on the street. Menswear Dog is, of course, a nickname given to Bodhi the Shibu Inu by his parents Dave and Yena, who realized that their boy had massive male model potential. If you're a dog-loving fashion fanatic, follow M.D. pronto.


Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle

This doggie duo from New Zealand boasts over 300,000 followers, and it's not hard to see why. Not only will you see Digby and Aloysius gussied up in cute costumes (often as Ewoks), but these Griffons are also pros at striking the perfect pose! You've seriously got to see 'em to believe 'em.


This uber quirky "Chiweenie" with her characteristic overbite and wrinkly chin may not be classically cute, but Tuna melts our hearts all the same. Follow her Instagram account (which equal parts heartwarming and humorous) and you'll know why. Tuna's also got an online store with loads of products bearing her toothy smile like iPhone cases, mugs, a calendar and a brand new book about her. As a rescue adopted at a Los Angeles farmers' market, she's become a poster pup for shelter dogs 'round the world.



Anyone who can look at Maru's grinning mug (pictured above) and suppress a smile is one tough dog biscuit. We sure as heck can't do it. And this is precisely why Maru Taro, the infectiously smiley Shiba Inu from Japan, has made it onto our list of faves. Feeling down? Follow Maru. Boom. Instant happiness.


Ok, we're suckers for rescue dog success stories, so that's why there was no way we could leave Marnie off our list. With maybe the exception of Tuna, Marnie the Shih-Tzu is one of the most instantly recognizable Instagram dog out there. Take one look at her tilted head (from a condition called Vestibular Syndrome) and long tongue which perpetually hangs out of her toothless mouth and you're sure never to forget her face! Rescued when she was nearly ten years old, she was nicknamed "Stinky" by Animal Control because of the disagreeable funk emitted by her rotting teeth. A true rags to riches tale, Stinky (also blind in one eye) was renamed Marnie by her mom, and her oddball looks have made her one of the most famous dogs on all of the internets. Way to go!


Cookie the miniature poodle/teddy bear is the star of Pumpkin and Sunshine—a beautifully-shot Instagram account created by ¨uber-artsy mother and daughter team Olia and Lara Saunders from NYC. Mom's a professional photographer, 13-year-old Lara's an amazingly gifted young artist, and Lara's "sister" Cookie is a mini poodle who looks like a stuffed animal come to life. Pumpkin and Sunshine's gorgeous photos typically feature Cookie and Lara living their enviably stylish life in the big city.

Buddy and Boo

An internet success story borne from a bad hair day? Yep, that's precisely what happened with Boo (a.k.a. the Cutest Dog in the World) whose "wrong" haircut has led to over 580,000 Instagram followers and over 16 million (yes, MILLION) followers among all social media channels. However, let's not forget Boo's lesser-known but incredibly adorable sibling Buddy who shares the spotlight on Instagram. The story behind the famous cut? Boo's crazy thick hair (thicker than most of her breed) was especially prone to matting, so (to owner Jennifer's dismay), the groomer was forced to chop it off. Little did anyone know, this accidental 'do and Boo's subsequent fame would become the stuff of internet lore.

Is your favorite Instagram pooch not on our list? Let us know!