Paris Hilton Just Introduced Her New Dog & OMG SO TINY

Paris Hilton is almost as known for her adorable, pocket-sized pets as she is for being a wealthy heiress and reality TV star. Her ever-growing family of adorable furry friends just got a little larger (but only the teeniest, tiniest bit larger) thanks to her newest addition.


Credit: @hiltonpets / Instagram

"Meet the newest member to the @HiltonPets family. What should I name this lil cutie?" she captioned a picture of the yet-to-be-named pup on Instagram. This cutie looks almost too toy-like to be real. Those eyes are bigger than her nose. They take up an unreal percentage of real estate on her face. She's so tiny that she looks like if you cuddled her even 1/100th of the amount you want to, she would be crushed into puppy dust.


Credit: parishilton / Instagram

The point we're trying to make is that Hilton's newest puppy is very, very not big.

The @hiltonpets account also posted a video of the puppy, waddling around in a pink-bowed sweater (because OF COURSE) and breaking our hearts with ever adorable step.

Now, we'll just have to wait patiently (JK, not patiently at all) to find out what Hilton names the lil' cutie.


Main image credit: parishilton | hiltonpets / Instagram