Dogs STILL Being Left in Hot Cars: See 2 Dramatic Rescues

Despite the numerous warnings every summer, it seems that some people still don't understand the dangers of leaving dogs in cars on a hot, or even a warm, day -- so we're posting these dramatic rescue videos to further drive the point home.

Leaving your dog in the car while you run a quick errand might not seem like a big deal, but because dogs don't sweat the way humans do, they're at a much higher risk for heatstroke. And heat-related sickness can strike dogs faster than you think: on an 85 degree day it takes only ten minutes for the interior of a car to heat to a whopping 102 degrees. Even when the weather is cloudy and mild, studies show that a car's interior can reach dangerous levels of heat in just half an hour. Most cases of dogs being left in cars go unreported, which means there are no statistics on the issue, but every summer brings a rash of new stories of dogs getting sick and even dying after their owners lock them in a car.

But it's not all bad news! Two recent cases which were caught on video showed people willing to go to extreme lengths to rescue a dog in peril.

In Spain, a police officer broke through the window of a car in an effort to free an overheated pit bull. More than 1.1 million people have watched the video, which was posted on Facebook by the Spanish civil guard, of the officer reaching through the window and pulling the dog out of the car. The officer sustained a large cut on his arm while smashing the window, but he didn't let that stop him from making sure the dog was taken care of: the video goes on to show him giving it water, and sponging it gently to cool it off further while it rests in the shade.

Another similar incident was reported in Ontario, Canada. Passersby at a festival noticed that a dog had been trapped in a car for a while and was panting heavily. A public announcement was made for the owners of the vehicle to come retrieve their dog, but when no one showed up, one man decided to take matters into his own hands. Using a rock, he smashed in the car window so he could unlock the door from the inside. In the video, he estimates that the car was 45°C (113°F). Onlookers reportedly gave the dog water and waited nearly an hour for its owners to arrive.

Video by YouTube user: PoliceActivity

Both videos have happy endings, but they also serve as a reminder to never EVER leave a dog in a closed car. Of course, breaking into a car is a risky move. Aside from the possibility of injuring yourself or the dog, there may be legal ramifications for the destruction of private property. Check local laws to see what your area recommends for situations such as these. And when the weather is warm, leave your dog at home – or teach it to turn on the air conditioning.


Video by YouTube user: TheWorst !