Personality of Maltipoos

Across between the Maltese and the toy or miniature poodle, the Maltipoo's personality is heavily influenced by his breeding. Though a dog of this breed is typically a fun-loving, active people pleaser, a Maltipoo's personality is a product of his parents -- particularly his mother. Every Maltipoo is different. Your dog's personality is influenced by his genetics as much as his breed in general.


Personality and Breeding

While Maltipoo genetics have a role in personality, according to the International Designer Canine Registry, these dogs are generally outgoing, friendly and ready to have fun. They are relatively easy to train. They love to play games, go for walks, and meet other dogs and people. These dogs are typically receptive to the needs of their owners, just as willing to engage in a cuddle session as they are to goof around and explore the neighborhood. The most dominant trait in a Maltipoo should be his outgoingness -- if he seems shy, he has likely inherited that trait from a parent, lacked proper socialization in his youth or both. While training can help unlearn this trait, in general, you should choose a Maltipoo who isn't as reserved if you want the traditional breed experience.

By Tom Ryan

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