14 Sleepiest Puppies To Ever Take A Nap

Cuteness Team

Being a puppy is pretty awesome.

You chew a couple things, practice barking, and erybody wants to be your best friend. ERYBODY! But it's hard work being so cute all of the time. It can really be... ruff.

Seriously though, it's been a long week for these puppers.

1. Well, they do call it an arm rest.

photos of puppies sleepingCredit: confidentlyconfused / Reddit

2. Woof, what a day.

photos of sleeping puppiesCredit: thefurnace / Reddit

3. Being adorbs wore him out.

Credit: lexigigas / Reddit

4. Luckiest stuffed toy evar!

Credit: awkwardpeeps / Reddit

5. Sleeping on the job... we totally get it.

photos of puppies sleeping
Credit: a_lexicon / Reddit

6. Who hasn't fallen asleep during a ballet recital?

Credit: lexigigas / Reddit

7. "I woked up."

photos of puppies sleepingCredit: obox / Reddit

8. This pup might be melting in her sleep.

photos of sleeping puppiesCredit: lovingstatus / Reddit

9. Keeping it comfy and cozy.

photos of puppies sleeping
Credit: allahmad125 / Reddit

10. Arguably, the most-comfortable position ever.

photos of puppies sleepingCredit: seepoohroth / Reddit

11. Pretzel time

Credit: shappie / Reddit

12. It's hard to stay awake when you're so furry and cute.

photos of sleeping puppiesCredit: holdenwook / Reddit

13. Cutest slumber party ever!

photos of sleeping puppiesCredit: Reddit

14. "I'm just resting my eyes."

photos of sleeping puppiesCredit: capnfancypants / Reddit

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