Sofia Richie Got A Puppy After Her Bieber Breakup & It's Adorbs

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Every sensible person knows that the best way to get over a romance gone sour is not through eating a gallon of ice cream, going on a drinking binge, or getting a haircut you'll regret an hour later. No, it's by investing your time and energy into another relationship that's far more reliable than anything Cupid can offer — a BFF-ship with a cuddly PUPPY!

Just ask model Sofia Richie who, after recently breaking up with Justin Bieber, got a brand new furbaby (wise choice, girl) and immediately posted photos of her precious pup to social media. AAARGH, look at that face!

Credit: sofiarichie/Instagram


And here's her "new best friend" on Snapchat:

Credit: Sofia Richie/Snapchat

Also, we can't help but recall this Instagram photo she posted a few weeks ago of Justin's puppy when the two of them were still an item. Hmm, maybe she was only dating him to spend some quality time with this crazy-cute powder puff with eyes!? If so, we'd be the last ones to blame her.


The takeaway from the story? Dogs rule, boys drool! Just kidding...mostly.

Main image credit: sofiarichie/Instagram