Some Cats Are Bold, But This One Scaling A Rock Wall Is Boulder

Some cats are bold but this tortoiseshell scaling a rock wall in Japan is boulder.


That’s the story from an adorable new video that went viral over the weekend. Posted to Facebook by the BOULBAKA Bouldering Gym in Okinawa (Japan), the clip has piled up impressive stats: 5.1 million views and a gaggle of “Shares” (84,000+), “Likes” (19,000+), and comments (15,000+).


Naturally, the internet had some strong feelings about this fearless feline, known at the gym as Lara, who calmly winds her way to the summit of the 12-foot wall in a little over a minute.


This commenter seated the cat’s accomplishment within a pop culture context.

Credit: Scott Ramsey / Facebook

While this one wasn’t afraid to question her technique or ask the hard questions.

Credit: Russell Balogh / Facebook

Others were smitten with the saucy wag of the tail after Lara reached the top.

Credit: Dannie Mallory / Facebook

But maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised at the cat’s sure-footedness: Per the gym’s Facebook feed, it appears that Lara is a resident, or short of that, a regular visitor.

Credit: bouldering gym BOULBAKA / Facebook

When she’s not on belay, she’s doing what cats love most: snoozing.

Credit: bouldering gym BOULBAKA / Facebook

And here she is as a tiny, tiny, tiny kitteh!

Credit: bouldering gym BOULBAKA / Facebook

While none of here at are fluent in Japanese, Facebook’s translation tool tell us the following:

"We're new here. This time, you've got a connection, boll, and you've got a 2-month-old Lara. Anyway, it's a straw. It looks like the ryukyu dog, or a hyena, but it's a very cute little girl, so please be gentle. Too much tension on the mat running around and out of danger, so when it's in the basket and a lot of things like this on the ropes, please don't move. 'huhuhu, Lara is smart,'"

Left unknown is how (or if) Lara returned to the ground, but we trust that this resourceful cat will always land on her feet.