Southern California Corgi Beach Day Fall 2015

Four times a year, something marvelously magical occurs. Corgis, people dressed like corgis, die-hard corgi lovers, and all manner of animal enthusiasts gather on a Southern Californian public dog beach to celebrate those beloved short-legged cuties—corgis! These "height challenged" pups make up for their lack of lengthy legs with their big hearts and active personalities. All dogs are welcome to attend, but corgis and corgi-mixes were truly the stars on the sand.


The Southern California Corgi Beach Day Meetup held its Fall 2015 meeting on October 24th at the Huntington Beach Dog Beach--and the day was jam packed with several corgi-studded events and attractions. Imagine relaxing on the warm sand, listening to the waves gently crashing on the beach, and then puckering up to get a smooch from your sweetie...and getting a giant slobbery dog kiss. That sounds like a great time to me! At the CelebreCorgs of Instagram Kissing Booth, fans of famous corgis got a big slobbery smooch planted right on their faces, if they were lucky. Most corgi lovers opted out from a kiss and, instead, snapped some selfies with their favorite corgi stars.

Next in the line of events was a riveting talent contest, where corgis showed off their unique skills. Plenty of treats were given, even to dogs who had a little bit of trouble finishing their sets. Everyone's a winner when there are plenty of treats to be had! Shortly following the talent contest was a very special corgi beauty contest. Corgis, being unique creatures, have unique features—and one corgi trademark is known as a "momo". What's a momo, you ask? Here are few hints: they're fluffy, often big (but sometimes small), and always cute. Still not sure? It's a corgi butt! Yes, the momo contest was a huge hit, and was certainly difficult to judge with so many fluffy corgi cuties running around the beach.

And, of course, you can't have a corgi soiree in October without a Howl-a-ween costume contest! Little fluffballs wore costumes in all shapes and sizes. Tacos, hot dogs, school buses, celebrity look-a-likes, and beachwear were among some of the adorable adornments on these short sweeties.
Rounding out the afternoon was the final scheduled event of the day: a corgi limbo contest. With a stature so low to the ground, it seems that corgis are just MEANT to limbo. The corgis worked their magic and shimmied under the poles, often without having to adjust their height.

All in all, the Southern California Corgi Beach Day of Fall 2015 was a fantastic, free event that was not only loads of fun, but generated awareness for this special breed and raised nearly $1000 for a local corgi and corgi mix rescue, Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue. With all the corgis running about in their adorable attire, it was easy to get lost in their cuteness—and end up with a big, fluffy momo right in your face!

The next SoCal Corgi meetup is scheduled for December 5th at a pet store in Belmont Shores. See you there!

By Sara Stuart