Stop a Dog From Peeing in Their Doghouse

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It is unusual for a dog to pee in their doghouse. Typically a dog likes to keep his home clean, and since a dog can leave his doghouse, unlike a crate, he will normally do so to avoid soiling his area. If your dog does start peeing in his doghouse, you should work quickly to determine what the problem is and stop the behavior before it becomes a habit. This will keep both you and your dog happier. Here a few tips on how to do so.


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Tip #1 - Visit the vet to make sure there is no medical reason your dog may be peeing in the doghouse. Kidney disease, diabetes and many other health conditions can cause frequent urination or incontinence.

Tip #2 - Clean up any residual urine, as well as new accidents. Use an enzyme-based cleaner, which will remove odors that may tempt your dog to return to the same spot to pee.

Tip #3 - Put bedding in his doghouse if it doesn't have any, if it does have bedding, remove it. Bedding can be an issue either way. If there is bedding in the doghouse, it can absorb the moisture, so your dog can still stay dry after messing on the floor. However, if you add bedding, your dog may spend more time in the doghouse and consider it home, making it a priority to keep it clean.


Tip #4 - Encourage your dog to spend time outside his doghouse. If there is some reason he is spending a lot of time in his house, it makes sense that he may occasionally pee in there. Are other dogs or small children around who make him nervous? Is it very hot and sunny, or cold and windy, outside? Whatever the reason, try to correct it so he spends more time outside his house.

Tip #5 - Feed your dog in his house. He is more likely to think of the house as his home and want to keep it clean if it is the spot where he has his meals.



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