Dog Reunited With Rightful Owner Will Give You So Many Feels

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Losing a pet is traumatizing. Losing one that doubles as a service animal when you're suffering from epilepsy? That can be literally debilitating.

Such is an emotional story out of Texas, where a transplanted Seattleite, Wesam Alkhani, was separated from Scout, his 5-year-old Siberian Huskie, during a road trip to Houston.

A desperate search of the neighborhood Alkhani's friends lived yielded no signs of Scout. After several frustrating days and dead ends, Alkhani subsequently learned that his four-legged companion had been turned into the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

Credit: Wesam Bobcat / Facebook

Unfortunately, Alkhani was in for a second shock after reaching out to the rescue organization: Scout's 72-hour hold window had expired and the highly-trained woofer had already been rehomed with a new family. The shelter insisted that they followed adoption protocol and claimed that Scout's microchip contained a discontinued mobile number.

Credit: Wesam Bobcat / Facebook

When the shelter rebuffed Alkhani's efforts to communicate with Scout's new family, he turned to Facebook to spread the news. A report by Rucks Russell at KHOU brought Alkhani's plight to an even wider audience and triggered the hoped-for effect: The new owners came forward and relinquished their claim to Scout.

Credit: Wesam Bobcat / Facebook

Moved by their touching gesture, Alkhani took to Facebook to acknowledge everyone that made the moment a possibility.

"Scout is back with me, the adopters contacted me last night and were gracious enough to return him. Thank you to Kat and Beth who were dedicated to helping me find him, thank you to Rucks Russell of KHOU news who helped get the story out, and thank you to everyone who shared and showed their support. Lastly, a huge thank you to the adopting family. Even though it was difficult for them to take in a dog and give him up so quickly, they were amazing and took very good care of him while he was away from me."

In fact, it's not surprising then that a closer look at Alkhani's Facebook feed reveals just how closely bonded the duo is.

Credit: Wesam Bobcat / Facebook