The 5 Stages of Worry When Taking a Pet to the Vet

If there's one thing that unites pet lovers (besides our undying love for our fluffy best friend), it's the fear of having to take our pet to the vet. We've all been day everything is fine, and the next our pet coughs, and suddenly the whole world feels like it's falling apart. Obviously, seeking medical attention is super important if you suspect your pet is sick. But we just love our critters so much that a tiny sneeze can send us into a dizzying state of panic. Our paranoia typically goes through 5 stages that look a little something like this:


1 - Denial


Image: Instagram (@missmayaslife)

I'm just imagining things. That's not a cough. It's just a new type of bark/meow/chirp, right? Of course it is. Because there can't be anything wrong with the most perfect, precious dog/cat/bird in the known universe. There just can't. NOOOOO!

2 - Angry questioning


Image: Instagram (@sharelladeville)

Why??? WHY!??????? I mean, I know it's only a minor case of itchy skin, but beloved angel does not deserve to suffer like this!!! WHY IS THE WORLD SUCH A CRUEL, CRUEL PLACE???

3 - Bargaining


Image: Instagram (@charlottesugar)

This is the stage in which we attempt to strike a deal with the universe. We offer up anything and everything in exchange for our pet's well-being. We'll give up sugar, wine, Game of Thrones...anything. Our pet must live forever and ever. OBVIOUSLY.

4 - Depression


Image: Instagram (@xwimpyx)

This stage isn't pretty. We basically spend the entire drive to the vet crying ALL THE TEARS. Simply because our pet sneezed. Once.

5 - Acceptance


Image: Instagram (@elfie_the_squishy_face_kitty)

Acceptance begins with a lot deep breathing while the vet explains that our pet will be just fine. Suddenly, everything in our world slips back into place. We spend the rest of the day in lovefest mode cuddling our best friend, watching Netflix and being grateful.