These Black Cat GIFs Will Give You 9 Lives

That means the only thing on the internet you're looking at today should involve black cats or people loving on black cats.


Did you know November 17th is Black Cat Day?


National Black Cat Day is celebrated to try and help to dispel the silly myths that continue to circulate around black cats. Like they're bad luck, for instance…


But now that myth is being challenged, and black cats are getting all kinds of loving...

"Whoop! It’s Thirsty Thursday, wigglebutts!"

"I can haz a whole day to myself?"

"It’s time to turn up, nip nibblers!"

♫"You spin me right round, baby

Right round like a record, baby"♫

In some countries like England, black cats are even considered "good" luck.

"Now that's what I'm talking about..."

...and remember this day is for all types of black cats: all black, black and white, black stripes...

"Can I get some love, too?"

Yes! You too! Did you know World Cat Day is February 17th? National Cat Day was October 29th, and National Black Cat Appreciation Day was on August 17th? So black cats can get love for days...

"Say what?"

"So many days. I can’t."

"What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!"