These Chiuahuas Just Adopted A Kitten & Cuteness Levels Are Off The Charts

Kayleigh Roberts

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but apparently you can teach an old dog to be a loving foster parent to an energetic baby kitten. That’s the lesson we learn from MoMo, Choli, Paloma, and Benito, four elderly chihuahuas who have changed their daily routine and welcomed an adorable kitten into their family.

According to The Dodo, the four senior canines all live with the same human family and basically turned that human’s home into a doggy retirement home paradise — until said owner decided to bring home a kitten.

Their owner, Julie Docherty, is a volunteer with the Love My Neighbor Foundation in Skid Row in Los Angeles. Her volunteer work focuses on helping the homeless and sometimes, the people she helps bring pets with them. Enter Rosita.

Rosita came to Docherty through one of the women who visited the shelter.

"She explained she had just saved the cat from being tossed around in one of the tents (which line the streets as makeshift housing)," Docherty explained to The Dodo. "She knew she wouldn't be able to keep it, and was asking if any of us knew a rescue where she could take the cat. Not having a game plan in place, but knowing I had to save this kitten, that day I came home with a cat."

Like any good pet owner, Docherty was worried about how the new addition would affect the rest of her furry family. After all, MoMo, Choli, Paloma, and Benito are all old dogs with no teeth and regular naptime needs. A kitten could be an unwelcome addition to the ecosystem.

But, almost magically, Rosita was welcomed into the family with open paws. Docherty says there was an adjustment period of about five minutes and then Rosita was accepted into the fold.

"The pups were very inquisitive with her for about five minutes and then totally unfazed," Docherty told The Dodo. "Choli seemed to be most interested to play, which didn't really surprise me. I've always felt he is a bit cat-like himself."

Credit: jemandthemisfits / Instagram

Choli definitely took to Rosita best. The other dogs’ reactions ranged from ambivalence (like from Paloma, who used to be a breeder dog and wasn’t interested in stepping back into a mother role) to timidity (Benito) to motherly, loving patience (MoMo).

Credit: jemandthemisfits / Instagram

Even though Rosita’s energy can sometimes be a little much for her chihuahua grandparents, Docherty thinks they’re on track to making her house Rosita’s forever home. And with all the adorable cuddling that’s going on, we can’t blame her for wanting to make Rosita’s presence a permanent one.

Credit: jemandthemisfits / Instagram


Main image credit: jemandthemisfits / Instagram