This Blind Dog Has His Own Guide Dog & They'll Melt Your Heart

Cuteness Team

Hoshi the American Eskimo dog and Zen the pomeranian, a.k.a. The Fluffy Duo, are not your everyday canine BFFs. What makes them extraordinary is that Hoshi lost his sight due to an infection, and Zen voluntarily stepped into the role of his friend's guide dog.

The pair reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and, as their Instagram account proves, they love the trekking in the wilderness.

Credit: the.fluffy.duo/Instagram

And Zen guides his pal Hoshi every step of the way.

Credit: the.fluffy.duo/Instagram

We think you'd agree that there's a whole lot that this loving pair can teach us. Namely, maintaining a zest for life no matter what the fates throw your way as well as the true meaning of friendship.

Credit: the.fluffy.duo/Instagram

As Hoshi and Zen's owner, Pauline, told "They are our constant reminders that life is about giving without expecting anything in return."

Video:  Inside Edition/YouTube


Main image credit: the.fluffy.duo/Instagram