This Chihuahua Is Living Out Your "Harry Potter" Dreams

If you've ever dreamed of reenacting Harry Potter's magical journey, then prepare to be very, very jealous of Poncho the Chihuahua. Sure, he doesn't have awesome robes or a place at Hogwarts (yet), but he does have a very Harry Potter-inspired room.


Credit: Imgur

Poncho's owner, Betty McCall of Pitts, Georgia, turned the storage space under her stairs into a private room just for the dog. And while Harry was cramped and, let's face it, very mistreated in the cupboard under the Dursley's stairs, Poncho could not be more comfortable.


McCall went all out on the room, making sure Poncho had all the amenities. He has a miniature dresser, bed, and even a working electric blanket (she had an electrician install the outlet for it).

But why, you ask? Because McCall is a great pet mom who's dedicated to making sure her dog's emotional needs are met. "Poncho gets really nervous when there's a lot of people so I always had to have a dog crate so he'd have somewhere to go to calm down when people were over," she told ABC News.

As for the rest of the room's amenities: There's an American Girl doll bed, a handmade lamp, dresser, a hat hanging on antlers, and a mini oil painting.

Naturally, there's not a lot a dog has to do with art and a dresser, but he does use the bed! Only, McCall says, "he never makes it up."

At least Poncho keeps the rest of the room neat and tidy while he's living the Harry Potter dream!