This Loving Husky Saved a Cat & Now They're Inseparable

Kit Steinkellner

A year and a half ago, things weren’t looking good for Rosie the Kitten. Then just three weeks old, Rosie was weak and wouldn’t eat. Animal lover Thoa Bui, who took the kitten in, worried she wouldn’t make it through the night. And it’s possible Rosie wouldn’t have, had not one of Bui’s huskies Lilo, chosen Rosie as a cuddle partner.

Image: Instagram @lilothehusky

Just in case you guys were on the fence re: whether or not cuddling is magic, this anecdote is proof positive that snuggling is about as magical as medicine gets, because after hours and hours of curling up with her new husky best friend, Rosie worked up an appetite and began her journey to recovery.

With a year and a half of cuddling under their belts, Rosie and Lilo are still very much in the honeymoon phase of their BFF-ship.

Image: Instagram: @lilothehusky

“They can’t not be touching, they’re always next to each other, they’re always touching each other,” Bui told BuzzFeed. “They sleep together, they walk together, we all go for hikes together.”

Image:  Instagram @lilothehusky

Yup, you read that right. Rosie has her own leash, and she suits up with her dog siblings when it’s time to go out and get some exercise.

Image:  Instagram @lilothehusky

She’ll even get in the pool (well, on a thing that’s floating on top of the pool), that’s how committed the little lady is to her canine lifestyle.

Image:  Instagram @lilothehusky

As for Lilo, she’s found her calling snuggling kittens.

Image:  Instagram @lilothehusky

And now Rosie, all grown up, helps take care of the kitties, too!

Image:  Instagram:@lilothehusky

Our hearts just grew three sizes. #LiloAndRosieForever

Image:  Instagram: @lilothehusky