This One-Eyed Cat Did the Impossible: He Learned to Surf!

By Cuteness Team
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It's common knowledge that cats despise water. Yet one uncommon cat in Hawaii is flipping the script when it comes to cats' relationship with H20.

Kuli, a handsome orange tabby, doesn't just tolerate the occasional bath – he absolutely loves water, the ocean, and catching waves with his two human besties Krista Littleton and Alex Gomez. But the story gets even more incredible. Kuli does it all with just one eye.

When he was found on the streets of Oahu as a very young kitten, Kuli was terribly malnourished – he weighed just one pound! – and he had an eye infection. The affected eye had to be removed, but that didn't bother Krista and Alex one bit. They adopted the kitten and helped nurse him back to full health. His care required frequent baths, and Krista and Alex believe this led to his love of all things aquatic.

Instagram @kulithesurfingcat

Once Kuli had completely recovered, the two roomies began to take him on walks around the neighborhood while on a leash. He was into it, so they eventually took him to the beach in a carrier. They left the carrier door open so he could retreat to its safety if the sun and excitement ever became too much. All went well, so Alex and Krista decided to do something awesome: take Kuli for a ride on a surfboard (he sported a life jacket for safety).


Kuli was a natural on the board. -Alex

Alex and Krista began documenting his epic outings on his very own Instagram page where he currently has close to 50,000 followers.

Today Kuli wears his lifejacket only occasionally and he's graduated to riding waves on his own boogie board that he can hold onto with his claws. And although he's an experienced surfer at this point, the roommates let him hang ten only when the conditions are right (when the weather's not too hot and the ocean's not too rough).

So where did the name Kuli come from?

The feline surfer was originally found in an area of Oahu called Nalakuli. The word means "to look blind" in Hawaiian. How could they not name their one-eyed cutie Nalakuli, or Kuli for short?

Here's to many more epic sets for Kuli, Alex, and Krista.