We’re Not Worthy: This Woman And Her Dog Just Won Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away and that means Halloween parties are happening and people are showing off their amazing costumes all over the internet (and out in the real world, of course). Solo costumes are classic, group costumes are fun, couples' costumes can be cute, but pet/owner costumes are legitimately the best kind of costumes out there, and we might have an early winner for Best Pet/Owner Couples' Costume of 2016.


The honor goes to Former Miss Delaware Kate Banaszak and her Irish wolfhound, Kellan, who dressed up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. Banaszak posted the picture to Reddit and it's obviously going viral, as it deserves to.


Credit: Reddit

"I actually toyed with other costume ideas because I thought Wayne's World was so '90s, a lot of people may not 'get it,'" Banaszak told The Dodo. "But, I'm a huge fan of the movie so decided to go with the idea anyway!"

We're very glad Banaszak followed her instincts because everything about these costumes is perfection.


Credit: Giphy / Paramount Pictures

Main image credit:Reddit / Paramount Pictures