This Woman Got A Proposal But Was More Excited About A Puppy

Ashley Tyler

If being proposed to by your long-time boyfriend and father of your child in front of all your closest friends and family wasn’t romantic enough, imagine being surprised with an adorable collie at the same time. Talk about puppy love!

It sounds like a happy ending straight out of an award-winning romantic comedy, but it’s real life for one New York couple. Christopher LoNigro and Alishia Oliveri sure set the bar high for the rest of us. #goals

Christopher’s family had a collie when he was growing up and the couple always planned on getting one of their own, so he went for it. With the puppy successfully hidden away in a box decorated with the million dollar question — “will you marry me?” — written on the front, he lured his soon to be fiancée into a room filled with all the most important people.

Credit: christopher lonigro/YouTube

After getting down on one knee and getting a “yes!” from Alishia, Christopher gave her one more surprise — a puppy named Kramer. She thought she was going to her dad’s house for the occasional Sunday dinner, but got more than a full belly. While it might seem like a risky move to propose and surprise someone with the responsibility of a new puppy at the same time, Christopher and Alishia’s lifelong love story explains why they know each other to a T.

Credit: christopher lonigro/YouTube

He started out as her best friend’s older brother and blossomed into her teenage boyfriend and then her teenage ex-boyfriend. Years later it took an unfortunate situation, Christopher’s stepfather’s passing, to bring the soul mates back together. Since then they’ve welcomed a daughter named Aria and can now get to work planning their fairy tale wedding.

We vote for Kramer as ring-bearer!


Main image credit: christopher lonigro/YouTube