These Tiny Animals Are Doing Halloween Better Than You

Cuteness Team

You're never too old, too young, nor too tiny, to get into Halloween spirit! Just take a look at this too-freakin'-cute-for words video made by Hello Denizen, the brilliant team behind all of those viral Tiny Hamster YouTube vids. You know, the ones where hamsters and other small critters enjoy mini-burritos, mini-birthday cakes, mini-hamburgers, mini-etc..., — clutching onto them with their tiny paws and stuffing their faces like mini people with no table manners? And the effect is so downright get-outta-town adorable you can't EVEN?

Well, in this Halloween installment of the beloved Tiny Hamster series, a hamster and his pals — a guinea pig and bunny — don tiny costumes and go trick-or-treating. Sound great already? You bet it is, but you don't even know just how good it gets. Allow us to break it down for you...

A tiny hamster, whose Halloween costume of choice is – wait for it – Pizza Rat (yes, that Pizza Rat), walks up to the front door of a pumpkin-shaped abode, but only after stopping to admire a mini jack-o-lantern along the way.

Presumably he yells "trick or treat" at this point, but maybe their mic didn't pick up his tiny voice? Anyhow, the li'l guy gets his Halloween treat which he promptly eats before he's even left the doorstep.

He is then closely followed by...

A rabbit dressed as Donald Trump.

And a guinea pig dressed as the Airplane Scene From Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Now don't that just beat all? I mean, if that doesn't take first prize in their tiny costume contest, then there's absolutely no justice in the world.

Ok, enough commentary already. Just take a look for yourself.