Top 13 Awkward Photos of Owners With Their Pets

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Attention, awkward people: We get it. Your awkwardness is simply who you are. But is it fair to involve your infinitely patient, amazingly good-natured animal companions in your absurdist adventures?

1- Strange Embrace

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

We're gonna guess that it's not the dog's preferred hugging method.

2 - "Who's the Boss-ton?"

Credit: Awkward Family Photos
It's anyone's guess.

3 - Victory Lap

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Who are the animals here?

4 - The Bio Break

Credit: Smart Bride Boutique

This dog is elevating the photobomb to EPIC proportions.

5 - The Karmic Roundhouse

Credit: About Entertainment

The best possible way to get back at your annoying little sister. (We love how the little guy in her arms is laughing his head off.)

6 - The Planet of the Uncooperative Apes

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

There's something very, very sinister about this.

7 - I Have a Family, I Swear

Credit: About Entertainment

The ugly Christmas sweaters are the most normal thing about this.

8 - What's In A Wink?

Image source: Awkward Family Photos

This cat is desperately trying to tell us something, and it's not good.

9 - Lasercats!

Image source: The Jim Snyder Way

That's all. Lasercats.

10 - You're a Man Now, Dog

Credit: Poopsie Collective

We hear the dog went on to graduate from rabbinical school.

11 - Solidarity at its Awkwardest

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Cone time is never fun time. But it takes a special kind of person to choose to wear one. A VERY special kind of person.

12 - The Greatest Love of All

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Does it seem like all of your friends and family are happily married while you're all alone? Don't forget -- you can always kiss yourself.

13 - One of These Smiles Is Genuine

Credit: Ebaum's World

All acts performed herein were consensual.