7 Healthy Pumpkin Treats Your Dog Will Love

Fall is here and with fall comes pumpkin flavored...well...everything. From coffee creamer to cereal, there is plenty of pumpkin goodness to go around.


Wouldn't it be great if your favorite canine friend could join in on the fall festivities? Well, they can, with these wholesome pumpkin dog treats! These treats are not only healthy, but they taste great as well. Here are some of the best pumpkin treats, so you and your dog can enjoy the fall together in the best way possible — through your tastebuds.

1. Blue Buffalo Health Bars with Pumpkin and Cinnamon

Blue Buffalo is a brand that is known for making quality pet products and this same quality is carried over into their Pumpkin and Cinnamon Health Bars. These treats are made from 100% natural flavors, with no additives or meat by products. This makes these treats a healthy, vitamin filled snack for your dog. Not only that, but your dog is sure to love the great, pumpkin flavor of these treats, making them beg for more every time.

2. Hill's Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Duck and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Credit: HillsPet.com

If you want some great, pumpkin-filled treats for your pups that don't break the bank, look no further than Hill's Ideal Balance Duck and Pumpkin Dog Treats. These treats give your dog the great pumpkin taste they crave and at a price that will make you happy--they're only $5 dollars, so basically the same price as your pumpkin spice latte! Not only will your dog love the flavor, but you can rest easy knowing their eating healthy as well. The ingredients used to make these treats are 100% real, with no added preservatives. Without question, Hill's Ideal Balance is the perfect "balance" between your wallet and your dog's health.

3. Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats

Credit: GrandmaLucys.com

Made with completely organic ingredients, Grandma Lucy's gives you a pumpkin-flavored treat that has no preservatives, and uses ingredients that even humans could eat. This means that you know your dog will be eating as well as you yourself do. (Seriously… try them, these treats are absolutely delicious!) These certified kosher treats are also baked in a bakery, and not a factory, so they're made with the kind of love that you would show your favorite pet.

4. Whole Life Pet Living Treats Pumpkin

Credit: WholeLifePet.com

These delicious human grade treats are made by combining greek yogurt, fresh raw pumpkin, apples, and flaxseed then freeze-drying the mixture to create these crispy wafers. The greek yogurt provides over 7 million live active cultures of healthy bacteria to help your dog's digestive system, making this treat extra healthy. Whole Life makes these treats in small batches and uses only USA ingredients so you can rest assured that they safe, high quality treats..

5. Three Dog Bakery Grain Free Pumpkin Wafers

Credit: ThreeDog.com

Three Dog Bakery's Grain Free Pumpkin Wafers are great for dogs with allergies to grains. They are oven baked which makes each wafer biscuit crunchy and crumbly unlike most other wafer biscuit treats. They are also made with healthy pumpkin and tasty cinnamon so your dog will be sure to keep coming back for more.

6. Darford Pumpkin Recipe Dog Treats

Credit: Darford.com

Just like the previous dog treat, the Darford Pumpkin Recipe Treats are Grain Free. This means that your dog will get a great, pumpkin flavored treat, that will easily move through their digestive system, making these tasty treats easy on your dog's stomach. The pumpkin recipe of these treats include flax, kelp, and yucca. These three ingredients are essentially doggy superfoods so you know these treats pack a powerful punch when it comes to health. And with no added meat by products or salt, you have one of the healthiest dog treats on the market that will add years to your best friend's life.

7. Nature's Variety Instinct LID Turkey and Pumpkin Treats

Credit: InstinctPetFood.com

Nature's Variety Turkey and Pumpkin blend treats are made using only one animal protein. This helps to cut down on animal by-products in the treat, making them healthier for your pet. This single protein recipe is especially great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

These treats are especially healthy because they lack additives such as grain, gluten, and other hard to digest ingredients. But what these treats lack in filler ingredients they make up for in high-quality, natural ingredients! These are some of the best pumpkin treats available today, and can help you and your pet get ready for the cooler fall months.

Now you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while your dog enjoys a nice pumpkin treat, and the two of you can watch the falling leaves of this beautiful season in comfort.

Main image credit: boxerdogcentral/Instagram