Your Cat Needs This Affordable Furniture Right Meow

The problem? Your cat doesn't have to pay the bills— you do!


Much like humans, cats can be high maintenance creatures who like top-of-the-line products.

But now you can pamper your pet purrfectly with affordable furniture.

1. Best Choice Deluxe Cat Condo With Loft, $39.99


At just about $40, the Deluxe Cat Condo is a great pick for cats on the smaller side. The condo's many floors, loft, and small hiding spots are purrrfect for your cat to snuggle into. And, with the Faux fur material that the condo is made with, you know your cat will be very comfortable. Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it does! The Deluxe Cat Condo offers three separate scratching posts.

2. Trixie Pet Products Gandia Cat Tree, $32.00


Credit: Trixie

The Gandia Cat Tree is not only cozy for your cat, but fun as well. This feline-friendly furniture piece comes with a tunnel that leads to a basket-like top. Your cat can sharpen their claws to their hearts content on the scratching post. With a price of only around $35 dollars, you can relax knowing that it didn't cost a fortune to give your friend a little luxury.

3. Drs. Foster and Smith Cat Cube, $34.99


While this piece of cat furniture may seem a bit small, the Drs. Foster and Smith Cat Cube makes up for its lack of size with versatility. Should your cat like tight and dark spaces, the Cube can provide the perfect fit for your feline friend to comfortably curl up. If they prefer wide open spaces instead, the Cube's collapsible roof transforms it into cozy sleeping quarters. A bed and a house in one beautiful piece of furniture? Now that's ameowzing.

4. Curious Cat Cube, $34.99


As the name implies, this cube is certainly for a curious cat. Not only does this product give your cat a comfortable house to sleep in, but it also promotes playtime for kitty. The two jingling balls attached to the house will entertain your cat for hours. And after your cat gets tuckered out, he or she will be able to sleep in either the inside of the cube or on its roof, both of which are comfortably padded.

5. K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe, $54.99


Credit: K&H

The K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe Window Perch is about as basic a piece of pet furniture as they come, and that's alright. This perch is designed to be easily installed onto your windowsill and allows your pet to bathe in the warm sun all day long.

The single-cat perch is made to comfortably fit any feline up to 40 pounds. Its sturdy design ensures you don't have to worry about it ever falling over or damaging your windows. Cleaning is easy too! The removable plush cover makes washing a breeze.

6. GoCatClub 52 inch Cat Tree, $49.99


Cat trees are a very popular piece of pet furniture and with the GoCatClub 52-inch tree, it's easy to see why. The tree offers multiple surfaces and structures for your cat to climb through and lounge on.

7. North American Pet Classy Kitty Wave Lounger, $21.99


The Pet Classy Kitty Wave Lounger is perfect for kitties who enjoy adventure, since the design resembles a flying carpet that is straight out of a fairy tale.

Not only is the wave design of the product fun, but the scratchable surfaces make the lounger a great way to prevent your cat from damaging anything around the house.