Top Ten Cartoon Cats

As a culture we sure are infatuated with felines. We're so taken with cats that we make comics, books, merchandise, and even big-screen movies all about them. Cartoons perfectly capture and exaggerate what we find fascinating about cats – from their legendary curiosity to their oh-so-adorable looks. Below we've rounded up ten of our favorite cartoon cats.


1 - Garfield

We've been fans of this grumpy, lasagna-loving feline ever since he first appeared in 1978. Who doesn't hate Mondays?

2 - Felix the Cat

Felix first appeared in 1919 during the silent film era and he's become one of the most iconic and recognized cartoon characters of all time. Felix has graced films, cartoon strips, and lots and lots of merchandise.

3 - The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat's eponymous book from 1957 is a true children's literature classic. This feline has great style with a tall striped hat and a red bow-tie, and he has cool friends like Thing One and Thing Two. He has helped countless kids learn to read and broaden their vocabulary all while entertaining us with his antics. And he always cleans up after himself. What a cool cat!

- Pink Panther

This colorful cat began as the star of the opening and closing credits of all the Pink Panther films, starting with The Pink Panther in 1963. He went on to star in comic books and a TV cartoon. We love him and his trademark musical theme by Henry Mancini.

5 - Tigger

Tiggers are wonderful things! This confident and bouncy friend of Winnie the Pooh first appeared in 1968. His big ego and reckless nature sometimes get him and his animal friends in trouble, but he is always willing to jump in with gusto to help any of them out.

6 - Hello Kitty

This cute kitty with a very large head first appeared in 1975 on apparel. She continues to be a world-wide fashion star and even has her own album, animated shows, and video games.

7 - Tom Cat

Tom Cat became a star beginning in 1940 with the Tom and Jerry series of short films. Audiences across the globe love watching this grey house cat use extreme methods to try to catch the super-smart and freakishly strong Jerry Mouse.

8 - Sylvester

"Sufferin' Succotash!" Sylvester is a Tuxedo cat with an adorable, slobbery lisp. This "puddy tat" first showed up in 1948 and went on to be one of our favorite Looney Tunes characters for many years, usually trying in vain to catch the cute bird Tweety.

9 - Hobbes

Hobbes, the sarcastic tiger friend of Calvin, first appeared in 1985 in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. To Calvin, he appears as an anthropomorphic Tiger, while to rest of the world he is a stuffed toy. He is named after a 17th century philosopher and he and Calvin ponder many existential questions. They also like to make funny faces.

10 - Scratchy

This black cat stars in The Itchy and Scratchy Show, the over-the-top, gruesome parody of Tom and Jerry that appears on The Simpsons. Scratchy loses most of his battles with the vicious mouse Itchy, but somehow he always comes back to life for the next episode. He must have more than nine lives.

By Niels Ingvar

About the Author
Niels Ingvar is a freelance writer specializing in animal care and behavior, as well as Nordic film and literature. Niels, a native of Aarhus, Denmark, has been living in Los Angeles, CA for 15 years where he writes and actively volunteers at various animal rescues throughout the area.

Photo Credit: Thatkidwiththeafro