Watch People Getting Surprised With Puppies & Try Not to Cry

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There are few things in life more joy-inducing than puppies. And with that in mind, we are hard-pressed to think of anything in the world more happy-making than being surprised by a puppy and told that the adorable ball of fur is yours to keep.

Well the Internet is truly a treasure trove, and we've found a bevvy of videos showing people meeting their new best friends for the very first time. We can't stop living vicariously through their happy moments, and yeah we'll admit to happy-crying a little too. Puppies, seriously, life's greatest joy.

Honestly, how could we even hold back the tears after seeing this little girl sob over the birthday arrival of her palm-sized pup?

Or these little boys who shed some Christmas morning tears of joy over their new pup, Bill.

Then there’s this adorable girl who finally gets her pug wish.

And of course this woman who sobs over her new puppy pug too (WHICH WAS GIVEN TO HER ON THE DAY SHE PUT DOWN HER DOG). Too much.

While the kids are undeniably cute, there really is something about the grown ups getting surprised with new puppies that breaks our hearts in the very best way. Like this guy who can’t even pretend to keep his cool.

And this grandma who had the very best Christmas, and is making our day.

We also love this dad who politely asks his new dog if she has a name.

And then there’s this guy who basically articulates exactly how we all feel about surprise puppies when he says, “this is the best day of my life!” We totally get it.

Crying yet?