What To Do If Your Dog Pees in His Sleep

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If your dog urinates in his sleep, it isn't because he lacks discipline -- it's because he needs help. While you can reduce the risk and severity of a sleeping accident with exercise and by helping him develop positive habits, it's going to take more than that to completely lick this problem. Only your veterinarian can offer all the know-how and tools that you and your dog need to beat incontinence once and for all.


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Tip #1 - Monitor and track any other unusual urinary habits your dog may have. For example, if he drinks an excessive amount of water or demonstrates other symptoms of incontinence, like dribbling urine, these could add up to something more serious.

Tip #2 - Take your pooch to the vet with your findings from Tip #1. While sleeping incontinence alone may indicate a simple weak bladder, when paired with other symptoms, it could indicate a more serious condition. Your vet will analyze your dog's condition, and possibly request a urine sample, before prescribing a course of treatment. Note that many dogs who've just been spayed or neutered may experience incontinence for a time afterwards. Whatever the cause, your dog will most likely be given a prescription medication that will strengthen his bladder and allow him to "hold it in" while he sleeps.


Tip #3 - Take your dog for an extended walk before he settles in for a nap. This gives him ample opportunity to empty his bladder, and the exercise will help him sleep better.

By Tom Ryan


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