What Type Of Pet Parent Are You?

Pet parents all have one thing in common: we love our animal besties! But people are different, so we don't all handle our responsibilities as a pet mom or dad exactly the same. What fun would that be, anyway?


Check out the list of classic pet-parenting styles below to determine what kind of mom or dad you are to the four legged loves of your life.

1. Helicopter Pet Parent

Credit: @lovefordinner/Instagram

No one hovers quite like a helicopter pet parent. If this is your pet parenting style, you watch every move your dog or cat makes. If they experience any sort of trouble whatsoever, you intervene. When your dog chases its tail, you just might make sure he actually catches it.

2. Velcro Pet Parent

Credit: @brittanyobrien86/Instagram

Velcro pet parents believe in attachment-style parenting, which is the theory that forming a close, secure bond is best. We're talking really, really close. Velcro pet parents sleep with their pets, obvs. But often they go one step further and strap their pets to their bodies, and TBH we totally get it. It's hard to have a bad day with a puppy poking out of your shirt. #truth

3. French Mom or Dad Pet Parent

Credit: @bo.pies/Instagram

The French are known for having well-behaved children who rarely throw tantrums. Probably because their parenting style is more on the authoritarian side. French mom/dad pet parents insist on obedience. If they throw a ball, their dogs are going to bring it back. Steal the ball and run in circles? OH NO YOU DIDN'T, PIERRE!

4. Extreme Pet Parent

Credit: @cesaronceuponatime/Instagram

Have you ever gone skydiving with Rover strapped to your back? Scaled Mt. Everest with a parrot on your shoulder? If so, you are totally an extreme pet parent. Also, we want to see you vacation pics. Like now.

5. Free Range Pet Parent

Credit: @ovesparadis/Instagram

Free range pet parents believe in letting their beloved pets explore the world at their own pace. You won't see free range pet parents strapping their dogs and cats into backpacks. They may not even have leashes. These are the pets who go off on their own adventures then show up at home when it's mealtime ("Hi honey, I'm home!!"). This type of pet parenting is best for cats... or literal free range animals, like chickens.

6. Pet Sugar Daddy or Mommy

Credit: @scruffy_in_seattle/Instagram

Um, not that kind of sugar. But hey, we'd never turn down a cupcake of any kind, just saying. Sugar daddy and mommy pet parents like to spoil their pets rotten. Do you carry Fido around in a designer handbag? Like seriously, have your dog's feet never, ever touched the ground? You might be this kind of pet parent.

Whatever kind of pet parent you are, it's okay. Really, it is. The important thing is that you and your animals are happy and healthy. So keep on doing you!