Overweight Pet? You Can Now Take Workout Classes Together!

If your pet could stand to lose a little weight, don't worry — it's not alone. According to Pet Obesity Prevention, 50 percent of American pets are either obese or overweight. If you're looking for a way to get your furry friend in shape though, you're in luck. Instead of just buying pricey diet kibble and extending your walk route, you can sign your cat or dog up for a pet gym membership.



According to RedEye Chicago, exactly such a facility is opening in Chicago's Buffalo Grove suburb on August 18. The pet gym will be operated by the Veterinary Speciality Clinic and it will have everything you never knew your pet needed. It will offer weight-loss consultations and workout equipment (like underwater treadmills), in addition to more therapeutic services, like massages and circulation therapy for your four-legged friend.


If this sounds more luxe than your own gym and has you wishing you could go yourself, get excited: You can go to the pet gym too. At least, you can as long as you go as your pet's plus one. The facility also offers mommy and me style classes you can take with your pet.

Since literally anything in the world is better when your pet is involved, the VCS's facility could be just the ticket for getting humans to work out too, along with their pets. And, if not, at least it's an excuse to pamper your favorite furball and help them live a healthier, longer life in the process — and what could be better than that?