You Have To See Anderson Cooper's Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppy

Cuteness Team

Not only is Anderson Cooper a top news anchor, political commentator, and true American royalty (he’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt), he’s also won our hearts for being a bona fide dog lover and proud dad of an adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel pup named Lilly.

It seems that Anderson’s a huge fan of the breed in particular. Seven months after his previous spaniel, Molly, passed away in September 2015, he posted this heart-melting Instagram of his adorable brand new family member, Lilly, with the message, “My dog Molly passed away a few months ago.  This weekend Lilly showed up! She's a Welsh Springer Spaniel. #TheRainbowComesAndGoes."  The hashtag is a reference to the book he’d co-authored with his legendary mother.

Credit: andersoncooper / Instagram

And here’s another image of the doting dad with his pride and joy.

Credit: andersoncooper / Instagram

Given how many images he’d shared of his precious Molly when she was alive (like the photo below), we’re bound to see much more of little Lilly in the future. If you recall, Anderson had also featured Molly in a story on 60 Minutes in which he explored whether canines were just as capable of loving humans as much as we love them.

“I've always wondered if my dog is scamming me,” he said in the 60 Minutes special.  “You look at your dog, and you're like, 'Do you really love, me or is this a trick?'”

Of everything he’d learned about dogs while producing the story, what “really stuck” for him was: “when dogs are looking at you, they're hugging you with their eyes. They're actually getting oxytocin — which is what some people call the love hormone — it actually feels good for them to be making that eye contact. I totally took that home with me. My dog [Molly] — she doesn't look at me nearly enough!’“

Credit: andersoncooper / Instagram

Oh, we’re pretty sure that Molly loved you plenty, Anderson. No doubt about that. And wee girl Lilly is one lucky puppy to have such an amazing doggy dad to look after her.