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5/6/09 - 11:56pm
Where's the bird? Where's the bird??
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Name: Crash
MEMBER SINCE: May 06, 2009
Location: Liberty, Missouri, United States
Type: Dogs
Gender: Male
Age: 12 years 4 hours

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You look so sweet! And love the pics of you jumping in the air! +1 Love, Marlee
Aug 13, 2009
Hello there Crash! You are a VERY handsome doggie! Hey... I think the bird is here at my house. We have over 30 wild turkeys in the field behind the house. +1 cute point for you! Huggs, SadieMae
Jul 21, 2009
You are a good looking fello +1 point for you...check out me and my brothers and sisters
Jun 15, 2009
COOL SPOTS! You look so happy :-) +1 for you. WIll you give me a point too?
Jun 08, 2009
Hi Crash, You are very cute, a +1 cute point for you. Come visit me and my sister Penny, if you think we are cute, maybe you will give us cute points too.
May 28, 2009
Hi Crash, I love your cool spots! My mommy should have named me Crash becasue I am very clumsey! +1
May 14, 2009
Hello Cutie,, I'm "Coal". I saw you in Battlezone and I have sent you a Cute Point and hope you will do the same for me AND my room-mates too We want to make it into the next Thunderdome. We hope to see you there..Love, Coal, Erin and Tazbo
May 11, 2009
Hey there Crash...thanks for the kind words...I'm sure you have a heart of're such a cool looking dog! Happy!
May 08, 2009
Hey there your pix!!! A + point and puppy paws...Joy!
May 07, 2009
Crash is cute!! Is there a story behind your name? Cute point for ya!!
May 07, 2009