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1/12/10 - 4:30am
Maggie recently lost her fight with cancer. She went peacefully at home. She was very loved and will be sorely missed.
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Name: Maggie
MEMBER SINCE: Mar 16, 2009
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Type: Dogs
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years 11 months
ABOUT Maggie,

Maggie is very gentle and very smart. She is our delicate little girl. She always looks a little sad and whines while we give her love, cause its never enough.


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1 cute point for you!
Jan 05, 2010
Hi Maggie! Nice to meet you! Aren't you just a cute lil country bumpkin...+1 for you darlin!!! Come check out round 2 of Thunderdome...and maybe help me get to round 3? Thanks! Love Ya!!!
Oct 06, 2009
What a hottie you are, Maggie! Im lookin for a girlfriend! +1 Love, Marlee and the gang
Sep 29, 2009
Awww shucks Maggie ur lookin' real purdy in that cowboy hat............+1 YA HOOOOOOOOOOO!.....the Snoopster...maybe I can get a smaller version, that I'd wear.
Jul 14, 2009
+1 for you Maggie! You are an awesome looking Cowgirl! Have a great day. Huggs, SadieMae
Jun 23, 2009
Hello Maggie. You are one beautiful pup. I just love your cowgirl outfit. My sister voted for you already (They will only let us vote once), but we elderly ladies have to stick together. Go girl!
Jun 17, 2009
Hi Maggie, Love your cowgirl outfit. You look great in it. You are such a pretty lady. +1 for you. p.s. I whine all the time for more attention too.
Jun 17, 2009
my mommy really wants a german shortaired pointed and she thinks you are beautiful +1
Jun 16, 2009
We have the same looking coloring to us! +1
May 24, 2009
Love your spots!
Apr 24, 2009