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Name: Milly
MEMBER SINCE: Apr 04, 2009
Location: Pontivy, France
Type: Other
Breed: Goat
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years 1 month
Pet of the Day: Jul 01, 2014
ABOUT Milly,

my baby goat last year, and has just had her own baby this year !!


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+ 1 cutie.........never met anyone like u, if mom goes South I'll get to see lots of different animals up close..............Snoop
Jul 14, 2009
I love you! +1
Jun 30, 2009
So cute+1 maybe you could give me and my sisters points too
Jun 26, 2009
This is a note to all of you that have recently given Cute Points to us Cats,,, "Tazbo",, "Erin" and "Coal" Please be sure of one thing,, we gave you and all your room-mates points too. But now is the THUNDERDOME and we need your help with votes. There's some stiff competetion out there...We need you to vote EVERYDAY... As Al Capone used to say "Vote Early, Vote Often" @ least here you can do that,,Legally,, Thanks for your support,,Tazbo, Erin and Coal
May 31, 2009
Millie. You are as cute as can be. Have a great Memorial Day. +1 for you
May 24, 2009
Milly, you are sooo cute. A BIG +1 for you, that makes #32! P.S. You are my first goat friend.
May 16, 2009
Hi Milly, je ne savais pas que à ton jeune age tu peux deja avoir un bebe. Trop mimi. +1
May 09, 2009
Hello, I'm Tazbo, my sister Erin and my brother Coal have fired up Dad's computer and we are looking through Battlezone and see you. You sure are cute so we are sending you a point, so don't forget us. Love Tazbo, coal and Erin
May 03, 2009
You are a doll!! +1 for all goats!!
Apr 18, 2009
i love goats you get a point from me vote for goggle pass it on
Apr 16, 2009