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8/16/09 - 12:53am
hello..big new world!
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Name: Nausicaa
MEMBER SINCE: Aug 16, 2009
Location: Brookeville, Maryland, United States
Type: Other
Gender: Female
Age: 6 years 11 months
ABOUT Nausicaa,

Hi I'm Nausicaa!! I'm a baby dwarf lionhead bunny who my mommy really didn't need, but I stole her heart, and I think you can see why! I steal lots of things in fact, especially if you leave a bowl of green beans or corn unattended even for a split second. You can bet you'll turn back around to find me with my face planted firmly in them! I live with two cats who I just love to chase around the apartment. You may think that a cat would try to attack a rabbit who is only 3 lbs full grown, and mostly just fluff, but boy would you be wrong! I spend my nights and the hours that mommy and daddy aren't home in my cage where I enjoy tearing up cardboard, grass matts and alfalfa cubes, and my time out getting into anything I can. I also like to grunt and chase my daddy when he's loud, and he laughs but I'm sure I'm super scary when I do it!


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You are just too cute for words! +1 point to you from me. Are you getting ready for the Easter Bunny's visit?
Mar 16, 2010
Oh my! You are the cutest little fuzzball! +1 from Bosco and Killian
Mar 09, 2010
Here is a link to a Pet Photo contest. Copy and paste this link into your web browser to find out more about the contest. =^..^= You might win! Feel free to pass it on - the more the merrier….Rabbit/Bunny Photo Contest:…
Feb 11, 2010
NO WAY! How have I not seen you as long as you have been on here? You are just too cute! My daddy Hobo told me I should come see you when he went to see Astoria. You two are awesome. Here's a point for my new little friend. Boo-boo
Feb 05, 2010
Hi Nausicaa, I saw you with Snowball and had to come and see more pictures of YOU!! All three pounds of YOU are cute, cute, cute!!! We have a cat too and she hides from me, although she cuddles so nicely when SHE WANTS to!! They are Fun to play with. And speaking of FUN .... you keep having it!!!! Here's a cute point too!!! Love ~ Kacie
Feb 03, 2010
HI there Nausicca - sendn over a point for ya for being the most exotic little bunny I have ever seen- keep on being cute- - your pal pig..
Feb 02, 2010
Hey there cute bunny. I'm having fun voting in our challenge everyday.
Feb 02, 2010
+1 for you cute Nausicaa :) Now you have a new friend from France ... me ^^
Jan 28, 2010
Well, if you aren't just the cutest little thing I've ever seen. My Mom would love to be able to get a chance to pet you. I gave you a big +1. Come by and visit my page, if you have the chance. Monkey hugs to you my little friend.
Jan 27, 2010
Hi, your roomie Duo just payed us a visit, and gave a point to Cassie, so we thought we'd visit you, too... and we're glad we did you're really cute! +1 from Kohaku, Cassie, BB and Lola
Nov 29, 2009