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Our Gang

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Name: Our Gang
MEMBER SINCE: Feb 11, 2012
Location: Blue Creek, Ohio, United States
Type: Other
Breed: Ferret, Ferret
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years 2 months

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay , ferrets !!!!! that is a whole bunch of fun and a pinch of trouble right there lol , id love to play with you , no one can play ferret like a ferret can , teehee , +1 point from all my family , welcome to cuteness hope to see you around
Feb 18, 2012
Hey there you little rascals! You sure are something! Cute as can be! Here is +1 point for you!
Feb 13, 2012
welcome to the cuteness family my new friend here is a cutie point +1
Feb 12, 2012
Welcome to Cuteness Our Gang, you all are so adorable, what fun it must be to be able to hold you all that the same time.+1 cute point to share, Scooter and little Bro Rocky Balboa.
Feb 12, 2012
hi welcome your r all adorable +1 from me and my roomies
Feb 12, 2012
Welcome Gang!! You are all so adorable!! +1 xoxoxo
Feb 12, 2012