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2/7/10 - 2:44pm
The only thing possibly cuter than me is little brother.........
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Name: Sam
MEMBER SINCE: Feb 07, 2010
Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States
Type: Cats
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years 8 months

Sam and Scooby are the best of friends and are rarely not in pictures together.


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thank u for the fun challenge my friend
Jun 25, 2013
Hi Sam. What a handsome guy! Here is a cutie point for you. Good luck on your challenge match. Just visited you little brother Scooby. You are both super kitties. Have a great day.
May 26, 2013
thanks for joining me sam good luck to u my friend
May 23, 2013
hi cutie +1 sent u a challenge they r fun and a good way to make new friends 2
May 23, 2013
welcome to cute as hell my pretty friend im hosting a new pets party on st patricks day at 6pm you are more than welcome to attend , you can bring friends too (just no humans ) they can spoil the fun sometimes ! hope to see you there +1 cutie koochi kisses xxxx
Mar 14, 2010 look like my Uncle Sam....I'm sure he pulls more shenanigans than you...+1 cutie
Feb 20, 2010
Hi Sam, welcome to CAH. You're a cute guy, here's a + 1 for you and add to friends list, Carmen
Feb 10, 2010
Hi there Sam, you sure are a cutie, I've given you a point and added you to my friends.
Feb 10, 2010
Awwww! Such a purrty guy...Here's a + point...Joy!
Feb 08, 2010
Oh, you two ARE the cutest pair! ADORABLE! +1 from me and my sister, Lola.......... purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, BB (we hope you post more pictures, you're so cute!)
Feb 07, 2010