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Name: Sammy
MEMBER SINCE: Feb 16, 2009
Location: Santa Monica, California, United States
Type: Cats
Gender: Male
Age: 24 years 1 month
ABOUT Sammy,

LOVES the laser pointer, sleeping near the heater, meowing a lot, attention hungry all the time, loves being "stretched" by his Mommy (me)


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Aww arnt you the CUTE est ever! I give you a + point because of how cute you are :)
Apr 13, 2012
Hi! I just stopped by to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season. Here are my gifts to you - A prayer that you and your family will be blessed in 2010 with loads of happiness and good health - and last but not least, a point for your wonderful picture.
Dec 11, 2009
Hey there Sammy, You are one cool kitty, and I just love your goatee! Adorable!! + 1 cute point from me to you. Huggs, SadieMae
Sep 12, 2009
Hi there , like that goatee ur sporting looks good on u..........I see ur a lover not a fighter in those pretty pics on ur page.........+1 my friend........the Snoopster.
Jul 14, 2009
Hi Sammy Love the goatee. It makes you look so worldly. A point from Fredericka.
Jul 11, 2009
Yay for us kitties with big ears!! +1 to you!
Jun 15, 2009
You are so cute! My mommy loves your nose, we are dropping off a point and *nosetaps* Kritter Kondo
Jun 05, 2009
Hi Sammy - You and your roomie are both 17? You look fabulous - you must let me in on your secret!
May 28, 2009
OK all you Cats here in Cute As Hell.. As you know the THUNDERDOME Competition starts again on June 1st... Me, "Tazbo" and my 2 room-mates "Coal" and "Erin" are going to finish 1-2-3 in the Cat Class. Our Dad did a lot of lobbying to get us there. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR VOTES!!!. We need you to read up on the rules for THUNDERDOME as it is a competition that you can VOTE EVERYDAY and we pray that you do. Did you know that there are about 1.6 times more dogs in Cute AS Hell than there are Cats?? That only means that ALL you Cute Cats out there MUST VOTE EVERYDAY and hopefully for us. But, we have to get a CUTE CAT in the winners circle this time. Please take the time to do this and may the BEST CAT WIN,,, LOVE Tazbo, Erin and Coal
May 27, 2009
+1 for you cutie pants. I got my eye on
May 26, 2009