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Name: Simba
MEMBER SINCE: Nov 20, 2011
Location: Manchester, United States
Type: Cats
Breed: Moggie
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years 9 months
ABOUT Simba,

Simba is now 16 yrs old. He was found with his 2 brothers in a cardboard box, dumped under a hedge....I wish I could have found who did this! It was one late October evening when my daughter rang to say her father-in-law was walking his dog and found these kittens, barely 5 weeks old. The little one unfortunately died a couple of weeks later despite our best efforts. We had Simba. He is a brilliant cat and has entertained us, loved us, and brought home several of his pals for a meal. However, his pals have all been strays or dumped nearby..( this is what happens when the area knows you are an RSPCA volunteer). Simba has never failed to find these cats and bring them home and show them to his food dish. We have been very lucky in rehoming them all, except for the ones we kept.
Simba is now getting on in years and has a touch of arthritis in his back. He no longer jumps up on the fence and at times we have to lift him onto our bed. Sometimes we think he is kidding us... as soon as one of the girls walks in the room he jumps on them and play fights them....much to their disgust and a lot of squeals and hisses!
He has been a perfect angel and we hope we have him for a long time yet. He has put up with rabbits, hedghogs, sick birds and mice as well as the stray cats! And to top it all, I brought home the two Maine Coons....the look on his face said it all. He remains the boss-cat, and the others all respect him. Although not big on cuddles, he loves to sit near one of us, and often pushes me onto the floor when he wants my chair! He tolerates Fitz sleeping with him, and sometimes Herbie too, but won't have the girls near him. And we love him to bits!!


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You are a very loving cat to share your food with strays. I have the utmost respect for you. Here isa cuteness point for such a loving and sharing cat. I am going to tell the rest of our herd and have them come visit your family.
Dec 03, 2011
how r u
Dec 02, 2011
Thank you Simba, I like your style :)
Dec 02, 2011
Hi Simba, you are a handsome guy with a great story! Here is a + 1 for you from our gang! Take care and good luck in your challenges, your friend Carmen
Nov 29, 2011
Thank you!!
Nov 28, 2011
Helllllllo...Im meeting your beautiful family!!!! You guys are great!!! +1 from me, come meet me and my family someday :)
Nov 28, 2011
Hiya Simba! You are a handsome orange kitty!!! +1 From Harley!
Nov 26, 2011
aww thanks u r sweet im glad id meet u 2 thanks yes we will :) oh me and my momma r so sorry for your loss i bet yous did yous all loved her my mom had a fex manxs ones name was panther she was a good friend of mine she was black ithe a tiny bit of white on her belly and a white speck on her chest thats sad glad yous took her in and gave her a wonderful life and she live a long happy life with yous thats sweet of u i bet u do aww please dont cry simba u all will be together someday i will be friends with her up here thanks for the purrs and a hug for my mom 2 kisses to u and your mom :)
Nov 22, 2011
Hi Simba, my sis Luna thinks you are so cute, and wanted to give you a point.
Nov 22, 2011
you sure can be my best friend! I love having new friends! xxx/ooo
Nov 22, 2011